About Us


We are a studio dedicated to interior and furniture design born in 2014 in Rosario, Argentina. In 2022 we start with our creations in Europe, based in Barcelona and the Netherlands. Sibonia was founded by Florencia and Luciana Gambartes, inheriting from our grandfather, the painter Léonidas Gambartes, the value of originality; and understanding the importance of functionality applied to the reality of our daily life. The name Sibonia is a tribute, since it is an emblematic painting of our grandfather; and our logo inherits the eye, present in another of his artworks, which is capable of reading unique features. We believe that from there a good design is born. For this reason, in the world that Sibonia configures, design is more than something beautiful, it is more than something functional, it is something to live it. We work by understanding people, to be able to design that place tylored to their uniqueness. This is how today, the studio has an interior design service for both private and commercial projects. In turn, Sibonia Argentina has a line of standard furniture; unlike Sibonia Europe where taylor-made furniture design is carried out.