Let's design your furniture

We design that piece of furniture you need and cannot find. Every creation is tailor-made for each space, person and need. We give value to the idea, to the aesthetic and functional development of spaces. We define your own style, analyze your tastes and needs.

We focus on a design for real life.


Let’s get in touch!

Before the first meeting, we will have a video call to understand the kind of furniture you are looking for, your needs and where it will be located. We will also need you to send us photos and videos of the space.

This meeting is free of charge. We want to know what you are looking for, be able to quote the design and answer your questions.

In addition, we will ask the manufacturers for an approximate budget to develop a furniture with the characteristics that are needed. This way we can give you an orientative price of the cost of manufacturing the furniture.

We work with 2 manufacturing companies, where we know how they work as well as their quality.

This budget is considered a starting point. Then, depending on the complexity and materiality of the final design, the budget may change.

Getting to know you!

In this first meeting we want to understand you better. We define your tastes, needs and your own style.

The fun part begins: Let’s design!

Once the characteristics, functionalities and concepts have been defined, we begin to bring the project to life.

At this stage we design the tailor-made furniture.

In 1 – 2 weeks we will have a 1 hour meeting where we will show you the design, its characteristics, functionalities, we will explain the concepts developed and we will see possible adjustments.

The design is finished!

Once the design is finished, we deliver a pdf file with renders (realistic images) and tailor-made furniture plans.

We put you in contact with the manufacturer to which the first budget was accepted, to see possible adjustments in it and start manufacturing.

Although this company is in charge of manufacturing, we are in continuous communication with them for the good technical and aesthetical development of the furniture.

In Summary What You Will Get Is

A meeting to understand all your needs and your own style

1 hour meeting where the design is shown, and where we discuss its characteristics and possible modifications. In the event that these exists, meetings will be coordinated every 1 – 2 weeks.

After each meeting, we send you the images for you to analyze, send us a feed back in the following days, and thus be able to move forward. 

Each accepted stage is considered finished.

PDF with the final design, which will contain:

– 3D images for each furniture. (rendering)

– Technical plans of the designed furniture.

– Contact and budget of the company that will manufacture the tailor-made design.

As the design is a furniture that has never been built before, during the process some change in its structure may be needed, we will always make them respecting the original aesthetics.

In the case this is not possible, we will present another option to be approved by you.

Model with the final design in PDF.

Modelo de presentación
Modelo de presentación
Modelo de presentación
Imagen I
Imagen II
Imagen III

Payment Method

50% of the design costs is paid before the coordination of the first meeting with the client (Stage 2).

The remaining 50% is paid once the final project is presented (Stage 4).

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