Welcome to Sibonia's world

Welcome to Sibonia's world

Studio dedicated to interior and furniture design

See all of our tailor-made furniture design.
Let's design yours!

We will be glad to design your place!
Commercial and private projects.

See all of our tailor-made furniture design.
Let's design yours!

We will be glad to design your space
Commercial and private projects.

We understand,
then we design

Studio dedicated to interior and furniture deisgn

But different…

We work understanding you, and so we design tailor-made places according to your needs and likes.

We create from a desk suitable for all your needs, to a space where you find your own essence.

Our projects as well as our furniture are designed taking into account functionality as well as aesthetics.

We believe that good design must be lived, experienced, felt and loved. Our sensations and emotions have to establish a dialogue, an understanding, with the objects and environments that surround us. Therefore, design must be functional to our day to day life, facilitate our routines, make our spaces more comfortable, welcoming and aesthetically beautiful to our senses.

There are unique characteristics in every individual, each one of us is different, and in this difference lies the richness of each design and its space. This is why we love to design custom-made furniture and spaces, thinking of each user.

We understand, then we design.

Do you dare to find out what design is for real life?

What We Do


Are you thinking about refreshing or renovating your home? Do you want to develop or renovate you business? Did you like one of our interior designs and want to replicate it in your space taking into account your own needs?


Are you looking for a piece of furniture that is functional as well as aesthetically interesting? We design custom-made furniture with your needs and space in mind. Let's design you ideal furniture.

Do you have any questions?

Let's set up a video call from the comfort of your home!

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